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The Modern Telecommunications team are here to help you find out all about the ever changing field of contemporary telecommunications.

PayPhone offers the following telecoms services: •Numbering - we have a complete suite of UK geographic and non-geographic numbers

• Call termination - we offer competitive, high quality call termination through our relationships with other carriers
• Number hosting - we host numbers for other telcos who do not wish to invest in their own infrastructure
• IVR - we have 960 lines of IVR available for everything from radio competitions to conference calling.


extensive experience

PayPhone has extensive experience of developing applications and solutions for mobile users. We have premium shortcodes in the UK and a variety of other countries, WAP site facilities and significant Java development experience.
Our mobile services include: •WAP sites - our WAP site builder incorporates flexible billing and dynamic content repurposing
• Site subscriptions - using premium SMS to bill for web site subscriptions
• Video on demand - DVD-quality films on a broadband connection billed by SMS
•SMS callback - low cost international mobile calls initiated by SMS
• 3G video services - build flexible 3G video services using our video response


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PAyPhonE telecoms

PAyPhone are a UK-based provider of internet and telecommunications services and technology.

Founded in 2010, PayPhone has worked in a number of areas, including internet billing, voice over IP and value-added telephony services.

PayPhone are looking to built our own infrastructure to support its operations, and has both its internet and telecommunications systems distributed over two sites in London, connected to each other by a leased dark fibre network.